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Healthy Kids are Sweet Enough

Sunny Fresco


A few decades ago, everything was different—even the way we enjoyed drinks. Back then, kids quenched their thirst with water, 100% juice, and milk. Soda came in 8-ounce containers and was a special treat. Sports drinks belonged to sweat-soaked players on the sidelines.

But things are different today. Sugary drinks are one of the largest sources of added sugar in kids’ diets. That’s a lot of calories with little nutritional value.

All those sweet drinks contribute to major health problems for our children, like increasing rates of diabetes and heart disease. And with our country already spending $190 billion per year treating these preventable diseases, we need to address the problem.



While obesity is a chronic disease, most people still think of it as a personal problem with a personal solution. They believe if someone is obese or overweight, that person just needs to eat less and be more physically active. They don’t immediately see the need for public policy solutions. However, when talking about people facing obesity-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease, most people agree that we need to work together to find a solution to the problem. 

In 2007 at a state-run school in Sobral, Brazil. A research was conducted on a 12-week randomized, controlled double-blind trial among children aged 2-3 years. The study objective was to measure the effect of consumption of a beverage mixed with a high-iron sweetener (dehydrated sugar cane juice known as Panela) on hemoglobin levels in preschool children and to compare it with the effect of consuming the same beverage sweetened with Refined sugar.

The study sample was divided into two groups-one consuming cashew juice mixed with 25 g of Panela and 40 mg of ascorbic acid (per 200-mL serving), and another consuming the same quantity of juice and ascorbic acid sweetened with 25 g of standard Refined sugar. A significant statistical increase in hemoglobin was observed in the group consuming the Panela-fortified beverage. It was therefore concluded that consumption of Panela increased hemoglobin and thus reduced iron deficiency anemia in preschool children.

 The American Heart Association recommends that children over the age of 2 have no more than one 8-ounce sugary drink a week. Yet children today are consuming as much as 10 times that amount.




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