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Our Story

Merit Trade is your local source in Bridgeport CT for amazing food products and more. we are committed to bring you the best high quality products from our local producers and artisans. our goal is to grow with our community of suppliers and people who love this town and want to be a part of something bigger. You are welcome to email us if you have any products that you would like us to carry. 

Our passion for finding great products goes back more than a decade. in 2009 we established Merit Trade LLC in New York City. our sole purpose was the trade of spices, coffee and tea. a few years later we began producing Cardamom in Colombia with the help of our family who owned a small cardamom farm, 

Our Arabs, Indians and Europeans friends use cardamom in huge quantities.     We started the first Cardamom shipment from Colombia at the beginning of 2010, it was a small shipment since Colombia is small producing country compared to Guatemala, but our buyers loved our quality, they even paid a small premium on the price.

 From here demand started growing, and www.merit-trade.com became the pioneer in the cardamom imports from Colombia to USA.  We had a great run from 2009 to 2015, and put Colombian Cardamom on the map. (See graphic below). Nobody knew about Colombian Cardamom in the USA.



 The spice journey brought us the opportunity to come across wonderful people from all over the world; their incredible ingredients, dishes, spice blends, chutneys and more. Our Colombian cardamom got hit really hard by a drought on 2015 which made us switch our strategy, not so dependent on our cardamom production. we decided to explore other products and ingredients. and we made the decision to relocate to Bridgeport Connecticut, where we've found a lively community where we can grow together.