Our Story

Everything started back in 2009 when we established Merit Trade LLC in New York, USA.

After 5 years of experience in international commerce, trading physical food commodities like Sugar, coffee, Tea, Spices and others. We had the chance to know a lot of products and markets. One of the products that caught our attention was a Spice called Cardamom. Besides finding Cardamom suppliers for our buyers, Guatemala is the biggest exporter in the world, we also had the opportunity to interact with this spice in our motherland Colombia.


 Our Grandfather had a small Cardamom farm, he was looking for buyers and to change his agricultural method from the conventional(using poison) to the organic method(No poison). We gave my grandfather some organic farming tips and took some samples of the finished product as we were leaving our country Colombia to settle in New York, USA. 

When we arrived in New York, we started showing the Cardamom samples to mostly Hispanic buyers, but they were not very interested. After a lot of sales calls, samples sent and walks around the city, we found the niche of our product.


Arabs use this product in huge quantities. Since this finding, business started to pick up, we started the first Cardamom shipment from Colombia at the beginning of 2010, it was a small shipment since Colombia is small producing country compared to Guatemala, but told by our buyers, Colombia quality was way better than Guatemala, so they preferred to have Colombian Cardamom, even paying a small premium on the price.


From here demand started growing, and www.merit-trade.com became the pioneer in the cardamom imports from Colombia to USA. 

We had a great run from 2009 to 2015, and put Colombian Cardamom on the map. (See graphic below). Nobody knew about Colombian Cardamom in the USA.



The spice journey brought us the opportunity to come across wonderful people from all over the world; their incredible ingredients, dishes, spice blends, chutneys and more.


We have decided to launch our Sunny Fresco brand, where our mission is bringing only the best organic ingredients to your table.